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Sprinkler Winterization in Bergen County, NJ

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Sprinkler Winterization in Bergen County, NJ

A sprinkler is one home equipment that should always be running smoothly at all times. It is because it keeps the lawn and garden looking beautiful. If you are in Bergen County, NJ, and your sprinkler is not properly managed, it could get damaged by the cold temperature. So, you do not just leave it running for a long time. You have to give it proper maintenance like all other home equipment's. Yes, you might be thinking of how possible it is to achieve this feat. The answer is in winterizing your sprinkler.

Beauty Is the End Goal

If you live in Bergen County, NJ, then that during winter, the temperature can drop to as low as 32°F. So, when you winterize your sprinkler, you get to achieve a degree of exquisiteness for your environment. With sprinkler winterization, you can keep your lawn and gardens looking good at all times.

Note that sprinkler systems are delicate. Hence when it comes to maintaining them, you should not wait to be told. If you do not winterize this system, there is every possibility that water will freeze in the pipe, sprinkler head, and irrigation valves. When this happens, the components of your sprinkler blow up and get damaged.

Is It Necessary to Winterize the Sprinkler?

In a climate like Bergen County, NJ, where cold temperatures are unavoidable, you probably will not have time to winterize your sprinkler during the winter. But, you need to understand that it is necessary to protect this tool. The sprinkler has many components and features, that if not winterized, may lead to malfunction. One of the parts is the main valve.

The main valve has water positioned at the back of it, and probably, there is a small part of the pipeline, which is exposed to this water. If you do not wrap up the pipe in an insulating foam with zip bonds, it will freeze during the winter. But ensure to winterize your sprinkler using the right method.

Automated Sprinkler Is the Key

Once you make up your mind to winterize your sprinkler, the next thing you need to do is to know the method that will help achieve your goal. This way, you do not have to start trying out various ways because it will cost you time. There are three methods to sprinkler winterization; the manual drain method, automatic drain valve system, and the air blowout mean.

Most irrigation system installers like Beautiful Outdoors Inc. recommend using the automatic sprinkler method. It is because of this technique because it is a high-end system with integrated pumps that helps ease draining. At beautifuloutdoors.com, you get a reliable automated sprinkler for your home.

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